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Business Intelligence
AgVantage Business Intelligence
The right tools for the right decisions.

BI Laptop

AgVantage® Business Intelligence (BI) products give you the ability to analyze your data from various perspectives giving you the solid information you need to take action. Capture trends and notice situations that need addressing, all from colored graphical displays. The right tools you need to make the tough decisions, and all accessible via the web.

Graphical displays of your data    |    24/7 access with internet service


AgVantage Grain

View your data in graphical form to analyze your operation for production efficiency, harvest analysis, and location comparisons to be proactive in targeting markets, addressing customer needs, and driving calculated business decisions.

AgVantage Grain Business Intelligence includes three modules with multiple tabs in each.

BI Grain

The Grain Origination component with:

The Grain Merchandising component with:

The Grain Operations component has:

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AgVantage Finance

Access intelligent data analytics on your customer aged accounts, patronage equity, bank covenants, variance analysis, graphical income statement, year over year comparison, and variance analysis. Use the GAP report to identify gaps in ag business with your customers. Easy download of this data is available on all of these visualizations.

BI Finance

AgVantage Finance Business Intelligence features:

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AgVantage Feed

Analyze your feed sales data to see your ranchers/customers by location, volume, margins, history, pricing, and more. Analyze your feed operations to see efficiency in blending, timing, overflow, margins, and more.

AgVantage Feed Business Intelligence includes two components with multiple tabs in each showing several visualizations of your Feed Operation and Sales.

BI Feed

The Feed Sales component features:

The Feed Operations component features:

There are more tabs being added regularly to these AgVantage BI tools as customers request features and identify needs.

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AgVantage Energy

Energy BI is all about efficiency in dispatching, routing, and delivery of your fuel and LP products. Analyzing this data frequently allows your team to become more efficient and your Energy business to grow and prosper.

BI Energy

AgVantage Energy Business Intelligence features:

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AgVantage Agronomy

AgVantage BI Agronomy includes geographic sales analytics, customer spending history, and nutrient tracking analysis to target growth opportunities, and improve your customers’ yields and prices. A tool to improve your business and theirs.

BI Agronomy

AgVantage Agronomy Business Intelligence features:

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