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How we work for you.
Staying on top of current technology & customer demands.

At AgVantage, we pride ourselves on taking the time to fully understand our customers and their needs. This understanding sets the foundation for the work we undertake to help clients build strong, vibrant and sustainable businesses through innovative agribusiness software and services.

Customer Driven Development

One of the many reasons our customers are so satisfied with AgVantage Software is our Customer Driven Development process. This “Customer Driven” philosophy offers an innovative way of proposing your “wants and needs” into the future of the AgVantage system. Our customers bring us the enhancements they would like to see in the software, and they get a chance to vote on those suggestions to set the priority for our development.

Our Customer Driven Development Process has become the backbone of the AgVantage Software development.

How It Works

Customer Relations
Our CDD process begins and ends with you, our family of customers. Customer Feedback drives our development process every day. Our Support Specialists talk about the tasks you do and the steps you take and discuss ways to improve the process and run more efficiently. We learn from each other about new ways to gather and analyze data driving good business decisions. We release solutions back to our users with routine implementation and training. It’s all about you.

Robust Product Platforms
AgVantage applications are designed for our clients’ technical preferences.

  • Our Legacy applications reside and run natively on the IBM Power System and provides the backbone to all business modules.
  • Our Edge applications are web based and accessible on any mobile device with internet access.
  • Our PC applications run stand alone on a Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Our Mobile applications run on both the Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Our Business Intelligence applications run on a Tableau Server.

Skilled Development Team
AgVantage Software is unique in the industry in that software enhancements are deployed every week and follow the seasons of the ag industry. This philosophy allows our customers to have input regularly and receive solutions routinely. Our Skilled Development team and Support Specialist work together with customers to design, test and deploy the latest in technology.

How it works

Installation & Implementation

Hardware Solutions


When your business needs the latest hardware, AgVantage Software can help. We offer a wide variety of hardware, including PCs, printers and IBM Power Systems.

IBM Power Systems

IBM Power

Looking for technology that will help you integrate business processes end–to–end across your enterprise and with key partners, suppliers, and customers? We can help with that too!

Performance Navigator


Need to gain graphical insight into historical performance data? We offer a graphical PC tool called Performance Navigator for power system performance management and capacity planning.

We Host. You Save.

It's that simple! AgVantage Software is offering the option to use AgVantage Software on OUR system, not yours. The Cloud allows you to use our AgVantage Agri-Business Accounting Software from your office or internet connection; you do not need your own system in-house. You can use ours! We have purchased an IBM Power System, allowing fast, efficient processing, and we have a high speed, very reliable T1 Internet Line, allowing for immediate responses on your end, with a high speed cable backup line. You won’t even notice that the system is miles away!

We Host. You Save.

Savings & Advantages of The Cloud System:

Savings   No need to purchase your own IBM Power System.

Savings   No need to purchase future Power System hardware upgrades.

Savings   No payments to IBM for support on your Power System.

Savings   Receive the latest AgVantage Software releases at no additional charge.

Savings   Access to all AgVantage products with the "flip of a switch."

Savings   Reap the benefits of the latest technology when we make system upgrades.

Savings   We handle your nightly, weekly, and monthly back ups.

Savings   We provide your system security, and administer all hardware related issues.

Savings   Save money by using the AgVantage forms process with your logo and company information applied to all forms, including checks, invoices, and statements.

The only requirements for using The Cloud:

Savings   A solid connection to the internet

Savings   PC’s running Windows 8 Pro or higher

Savings   Printers for Invoicing, Checks, Reports, Misc.

**Note** Not all printer models and brands are supported by IBM's Power System, so please let us know the brand and model of a printer, and we'll tell you if it is compatible.


Training is a very important part of implementing a computer system. At AgVantage, we take this very seriously, and not only when you come onto the system as a beginner, but throughout your lifetime. We will hold training at your offices, group training at local spots, right at your desk with e-Training or at our office. In addition, we have the BEST training in the industry at our conferences each year.

If you are going through a merger, starting a new company or whatever your next endeavor is, let AgVantage help you with the task. We have many years of experience at our fingertips and always love to consult with your team.



Our e–training classes provide education in your office via a website and a conference phone call. E–training classes are interactive, allowing your employees to ask questions that are specific to your needs.

Unless your company is signed up for one of our unlimited e-Training packages, there is a $100 per class per connection fee for attending a class.

*all times are Central Standard Time (CST)


Onsite Training

Onsite Training

Our associates will provide your staff with the training they need to operate smoothly and efficiently. New customers, mergers, or new releases may require on-site assistance, and we’re available to help. We will work with you to plan a convenient and timely schedule. We also have laptops that can be shipped to your office for "hands on" training.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

AgVantage is a trusted partner in the industry and regarding the unfortunate chance of a disaster is no exception. Just like insurance policies, which are there to protect you from situations that we hope never happen, we have put a disaster solution, or High Availability (HA) system in place. In simplest terms, every time a transaction is written to the production system, within seconds, it’s also written to the HA system.

AgVantage customers have several options: customers may replicate to their own CBU system, have their entire system replicated to a partition in our office in Rochester, MN; or just replicate their AgVantage data to a shared partition in Rochester.


We use AgVantage Software for all our services and financial activities…it’s the true backbone of our company when it comes down to software. If software won’t interface with AgVantage, we won’t use it.


Connect With Us

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