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We deliver customer service excellence.
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The number one reason we have grown and excelled as a leader in the ag–related software business for 46 years is because we have learned how to make our customers happy. Without that, we would be nothing. It is our entire philosophy!

AgVantage Software, Inc. is located in Rochester, Minnesota and for over four and a half decades, the AgVantage systems have been used in all areas of agribusiness, from ag stores, grain elevators, feed manufacturers, fertilizer/chemical dealers to cooperatives, seed companies, fuel distributors, and more. Now beginning our 46th year of business, approximately 550 Ag–Businesses with thousands of users and locations utilize the AgVantage systems across the United States.

Customer Focused

Customer Focused







Employee Owned

Employee Owned


Meeting Your Ever-changing Needs

Based on integrity, longevity, and stability, our relationships with Ag-Businesses make for a powerful alliance in customizing our software to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. As an essential part of our team, our customers provide ongoing input and vision towards the direction of the AgVantage Software company.

While many competitors have come and gone, AgVantage has continued to grow and succeed in serving the ag–industry...putting us in a position to serve your needs now and in your future.


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Employee-owned. Customer-focused.

Unique to the agribusiness software industry, AgVantage continues to prosper as a employee–owned privately held company. This philosophy has led to the AgVantage customers trusting that the owners and the employees are one in the same. They care about the health, wealth and longevity of the company...throughout the entire company. This in turn creates a solid partnership with a common goal: the customer’s ongoing success.

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Our History

History Timeline

45 years ago...

It is not too often you can find a software company that makes personal visits to customers in remote locations with the only reason being “to see how you are doing.”


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