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AgVantage Grain
Handling the intricacies of a very specialized industry in an accurate and efficient manner.

With four decades of experience and in–depth knowledge of the grain industry, AgVantage® Grain Software is known as the premier software for grain elevators nationwide, providing outstanding capabilities to handle patron’s grain purchases, sales, and settlements. It produces a Grain Position as well as many other Grain management reports.

PC Grain Scale
AgVantagePC™ Grain Scale

Keep trucks moving 24/7 with AgVantage PC Grain Scale Software running live or stand alone when internet is not available. Its user friendly, point & click operation handles inbound, outbound and transfer loads for all grains. It is NTEP Certified and integrated with all the other AgVantage Software products.

  • Connects directly to scales and moisture meters for automated data integration
  • Auto apply loads to various contract types for "live” customer balances
  • “Live” DPR for Grain Merchandising success
  • Split groups available for landlords/tenants, father/son, any combination
  • Process multiple loads using lot numbers, average grades, and by farm
  • Access history and pending scale tickets, then print multiple copies when complete

For leading edge scale technology, AgVantagePC works seamlessly with these additional components:

  • Reads RFID tags or chips for fast and accurate scale operation
  • Message boards in various sizes with real-time information
  • Stop/go lights and Intercom communication with drivers
  • Outdoor scale ticket printers rugged enough to work year round

Edge Grain
EDGE Grain

With four decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the grain industry, AgVantage Grain Software provides outstanding power to your merchandisers and patrons when buying, selling, and settling grain.

  • Contracts and Settlements handled via email with electronic signature options and ACH capabilities
  • Market Position & Long/Short are updated ‘live’ to view or print by location, all locations, or for a DPR group of locations
  • Contract balances available ‘live’ to your merchandisers and growers
  • Settle by loads or lots and print one check for several contracts or multiple checks for one contract. Lien holders are listed and advances are accounted for
  • When deferring payments - pay out premiums or accrue interest
  • Settlement deductions can be transferred automatically to a customer’s account as a payment
  • Multiple crop varieties can be summarized into one crop position
  • Futures and options are recorded from board of trade transactions
  • View Sales Contracts by customer or crop whether barge, truck, or rail. See open totals, shipments, in-transit, advances, and unsettled bushels

For Ethanol Plants
EDGE Grain for Ethanol Plants

Manage all aspects of business from growers to elevator sales to ethanol plants:

  • Enter Purchase Contracts from Growers & Sales Contracts to Ethanol Plant back-to-back
  • Automatically add a margin per unit to sale above purchase price.
  • Apply tickets simultaneously to a Grower’s Purchase Contract and Elevator’s Sales Contract, then transfer ownership to an Ethanol Plant Obligation
  • Assign different discount tables to grower’s tickets compared to Ethanol Sales tickets
  • Transfer a grower’s Stored Grain to fulfill Ethanol Contract commitments
  • Transfer grain between company locations for elevator commitments to Ethanol Plant
  • Post daily grain transactions to G/L on cash or accrual basis accounting

eAgVantage Grain
eAgVantage Grain

A wide variety of information for your staff and customers to share anywhere with web access on phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

  • View contracts, loads, lots, settlements, & advances with access to handling, hauling, storage, and drying charges plus check numbers and amounts
  • Daily Position Report features inventory, obligations, & company owned while also seeing inventory on hand, received, outbound, adjustments and drill down three levels.
  • Long/Short Report features old & new crop, undelivered purchase & sales contracts, sales shipments in-transit, and futures bought & sold
  • Cash Position Report features auto-refresh for net changes to cash grain position with drill down into delivery months for customer contracts
  • “Crop Watch” Alarm indicates when bought/sold quantity thresholds are reached
  • Grain Market Position Report features three reports in one: Cash & Contract Position from DPR plus Net Cash Long/Short plus Basis Position with drill down into contract balances within each delivery period

AgVantage Grain
Business Intelligence

View your data in graphical views to analyze your operation for production efficiency, harvest analysis, and location comparisons to be proactive in targeting markets, addressing customer needs, and driving calculated business decisions.

Learn More About Business Intelligence

BI Grain

AgVantage Grain Software Interfaces

Advance Trading Inc. — Create contracts from offers
Kahler Automation — Scale Interface
State Liens Notification — Minnesota & Oklahoma
Not Rocket Science — Create contracts from offers
Bushel — Integrated App to AgVantage Grain

Create contracts from offers
Retrieves historic futures prices for EOM valuations
Retrieves cash basis bids for EOM valuations
Retrieves current cash price throughout the day

R.J. O'Brien:
Purchase contract maintenance
Purchase contract pricing maintenance

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