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Mission Statement

The mission statement at AgVantage Software is "Delivering Customer Service Excellence". It's that simple. One reason we have grown and excelled as a leader in the ag–related software business for 42 years is because we have learned how to make our customers happy. Without that, we would be nothing. It is our entire philosophy!

About AgVantage

AgVantage Software, Inc. is located in Rochester, Minnesota. For four decades, the AgVantage systems have been used in many areas of agribusiness, from ag stores, grain elevators, feed manufacturers, fertilizer/chemical dealers to cooperatives, seed companies, fuel distributors, and more. Now beginning our 42nd year of business, approximately 200 Ag–Businesses in the United States use the AgVantage systems, totaling thousands of users and locations in 25 states. It has been a successful business based on strong relationships with Agri businesses, as well as customizing the software to meet the ever-changing needs.

Our partnerships represent integrity, longevity, and stability in an "ever–changing" market, resulting in a powerful alliance. When a company joins up with our team on the AgVantage system, they rarely ever leave because we treat them as a member of our team, allowing them input and vision towards the direction of the company.

While many competitors have come and gone, AgVantage continues to grow and succeed. Since 1976, AgVantage has been serving the ag–industry, the veteran status puts us in a position to serve your needs now and in your future.

Celebrating 40+ years!

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