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We Host - You Save!

It's that simple! AgVantage Software is offering the option to use AgVantage Software on OUR system, not yours. The Cloud allows you to use our AgVantage Agri-Business Accounting Software from your office or internet connection; you do not need your own system in-house. You can use ours! We have purchased an IBM Power System, allowing fast, efficient processing, and we have a high speed, very reliable T1 Internet Line, allowing for immediate responses on your end, with a high speed cable backup line. You won’t even notice that the system is miles away!

Savings & Advantages of The Cloud system:

You do not need to purchase your own IBM Power System

No need to purchase future Power System hardware upgrades

You do not pay IBM for support on your Power System.

You receive the latest AgVantage Software releases at no additional charge

You can save money on forms by using the AgVantage forms process where we apply your logo and company information to all forms, including checks, invoices, and statements

You have access to all AgVantage products with the "flip of a switch"

We handle your nightly, weekly, and monthly back ups

We provide your system security, and administer all hardware related issues

When we increase our system speed and size, you reap the benefits of the latest technology

The only requirements for using The Cloud:

A solid connection to the internet

PC’s running Windows 7 Pro, Windows XP SP3 and Windows 8

Printers for Invoicing, Checks, Reports, Misc.

**Note** Not all printer models and brands are supported by IBM's Power System, so please let us know the brand and model of a printer, and we'll tell you if it is compatible.