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System-wide Information

AgVantage applications can be described in a number of ways. We have our legacy (back office) applications that reside and run natively on the IBM Power System, the web applications that also reside and run within the OS on the IBM Power System, and the PC applications that are installed on 32 or 64 bit PCs running Microsoft Windows. We also have a number of applications written for both the Android and iOS operating systems.

AgVantage® V8 and our newest product, AgVantage Edge, are the two newest production packages. AgVantage V8 "legacy" applications provide the backbone to all business modules. AgVantage Edge is the new "web-face" user interface to make all systems more mobile and easy to use and train.

AgVantage is unique in the industry in that the software enhancements are deployed every single week. This philosopy allows for customers to have input regularity throughout each day and the development on that input can happen immediately. Software changes are fully tested, including Unit, Regression and Integration testing. The Developer and Support Specialist work closely together to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible when code changes are released.

Our design team, including our customers on a regular basis, is also a part of the testing process. Our development team is cross–trained to program on several applications and within many skill sets.

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